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Our Trip to Cancun || Wednesday

Wednesday was a blast! It was our last day of “scheduled” events, so we were looking forward to relaxing a bit more.We started the day with another breakfast buffet, with a beautiful sunrise view. I really enjoyed those buffets a bunch! Room service was nice because it was delivered, but I really enjoyed the unique Mexican items that were offered as breakfast. I had pineapple sweet bread, tamales, eggs, zucchini (surprisingly awesome in the morning) and fried tortillas in red sauce, capped off with a Bloody Mary.

And then we were off! We took a bus to Puerto Morales with Paco, our tour guide, to go ziplining in the jungle. We passed a few gum (Sapodilla) trees, where the Mayans learned to make gum from the sap really really long time ago. Anyway, ziplining was great! Jason had never gone before, and loved it, and though I’ve gone a bunch of time, this was the first time I’d ever done the kind where you stop yourself. It was super fun that way, because I could just fly down as fast as I could, and stop at the last minute, which I did, frequently. Speaking of daredevil activities, I also got the chance to do one course upside down, Spiderman style. It kind of hurt, a lot, so I only let go of one hand, but it was still fun! I got hurt on the end part though, because my glove didn’t connect properly with the rope, and I wasn’t able to stop myself. I went in full speed, and the guide had to stop me with his body. Whip Lash City here I come. It was brutal. My neck hurt for about two weeks after that. Jason opted not to go upside down, and when I was icing my neck and writing an injury report, he took to exploring and found another cenote. We went down into it (it was creepy!) and only saw the “no entrance without a guide” sign until afterwards…oops.

We got back to the hotel around noon and got crepes and ice cream and had drinks (mojitos) before we took a nap. After, we had the Italian buffet for lunch, then walked around. I saw a dance class going on next to the pool and joined in for a few minutes (video here), but the ground was so hot that I got FOUR blisters in 5 minutes! What a day for me, uhg. I couldn’t move my neck and my evening heels were killing me. Boo. It’s hard to be sad in paradise though, so I didn’t let it stop me. Well, a little… after that we went back to the room and took another nap (we were tired okay?!) and read and watched TV for awhile. For dinner we got all dressed up and then ate outside near the beach (I had sushi and Jason had a brick oven pizza- my server was a little drunk!), and then soaked our feet in the pools and just talked. To end the day we got some more crepes and ice cream and I had a Bailey’s and coffee and read until I fell asleep. It was a good day to catch up on rest, and ziplining was awesome!

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