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Preparing for Baby || I Need Advice!

It’s nearing that exciting time in our lives when husband and wife are considering adding baby to the mix! When my sister got pregnant last year with my now adorable 6-month old niece Briley, I instantly caught the baby-fever, and have been pining away since then. I subscribe to a few blogs about parenthood, I’ve considered and picked names with Jason, and dreamed about the baby room decor. I haven’t gone as far as to start a board on Pinterest yet, but that’s the next step! Now I need advice. I know (because I’ve heard it no less than two million times) that you can never be fully financially ready for a baby, but how ready should we be? Here are my list of questions. Feel free to answer every single one:

1) How much did your pregnancy cost and what type did you have?

2) What would you change about the doctor/hospital experience?

3) What did you do prior to getting pregnant to prepare?

4) What are some thrifty ways you saved money?

5) What’s something you bought that you would never buy again?

6) What else?

Thanks in advance for helping me out here! I’m extremely excited and want to be as prepared as possible!

No better people to ask than my friends and family who have already done it!

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