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Saying Goodgye To My Red 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible

I’m so sad 🙁 It’s time for me to say goodbye to my (hot) first car, and I’m so sad about it! I got my first car later in life than normal. While most kids wanted their license as soon as they turned 16, I was not that person. Nope. I knew that as soon as I got my license, I was going to start having to drive my three sisters everywhere, and I simply didn’t want to. I put it off and put it off until finally my parents made me get my license when I was 18 years old, and yes, I did have to drive my sisters everywhere. Once I got it, I was still living at home, so I drove the family van, and continued to at the college I attended, which was only a few miles down the road. Then, just before my 21st birthday I moved to New York City, and there was absolutely no need for a car there. Taking the subways and taxis is much cheaper and safer and faster! After a year in NYC, I joined a singing, dancing ministry troupe thingy and spent two years traveling the United States, driven by our team leader, so again I didn’t need a car. In the middle of those two years I met Jason on eHarmony, so when my tour finished, I moved to Nashville, and bought my 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible, in the only color they should be made in: red. Oh yeah.


Well that was five years ago (to the month), and now it’s time for me to sell it, and I’m pretty darn chocked up about it. We already bought a new vehicle for me, one that’s much more suitable for my lifestyle, and the lifestyle I hope to have one day, but it’s still hard to move on from this one.


(The paint is peeling on the top of the car, but I never really noticed. In fact, I get complimented on my car all the time, mostly from teenagers, and the only person who has ever noticed the paint peeling was an old guy! That always stuck in my head as pretty funny)


It’s a marvelous little car, perfect for someone who’s not a football player (like the last kid who owned it…he grew out of it quickly). We’ve recently had work done on it, so it’s running in top shape, and the wheels are new too, so it’s just waiting for the right owner right now. We’re about to list the car for sale online, so if you know anyone in the market, we are selling it for $2500.

(The front has looked exactly like this since I bought it. It looks like it’s bad, but it’s resilient!)

(The top of the car was changed from the tan to black about four years ago. It’s so much sleeker!)

(This was here when I bought it, apparently the football kid backed up into a mailbox. I added to it slightly with that white scratch when I slipped on some ice and ran into a snow bank on the highway a few years ago. I came out with just this little scratch. Pretty tough car!)


 Do you ever have those times when you just feel cool? Like the cool kid in school? I do. Usually it’s when I’m in a cute outfit sipping starbucks, or when my hair is loose and I’m driving with the top down in my red convertible. I get honked at too, so that usually amplifies the feeling that for that moment, I’m pretty darn cool. And now I’m giving that up to someone else. Hopefully that person will getting that feeling too.


(All the seat belts work, and we just replaced the floor mats. There are some stains on the floor, but it’s clean, and since the original floor mats were there, I never even knew they were there until we started getting it fixed up to sell!)


(The air conditioning is ice cold, and everything works)


(The seats in the back have some light stains, if you look for them)


(Less than 156k miles, which is incredible for it’s age. These things are built to last, so if it weren’t for needing room for the kids I nanny, I would have kept it forever!)


(A surprising amount of trunk space)

Just admit it, this car is hot.


I included a picture of the hood pins because there’s a story here. A few years ago someone swiped the hood pins, to be mean, so I used a hair pin until I got new ones… good times.


Bye you wonderful car! I’m going to miss you terribly!

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