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Snapseed || Improve Your iPhone Pictures

Hey guys! Recently I got interested in making my iphone pictures better because, although its a bit lazy, lugging around my huge camera is a lot of work and I just don’t want to do it on vacation. I invested in some Photojojo lenses (that’ll be another blog) and looked around to find the best photo apps that I could for my phone. Well, I found one, and it’s awesome! It’s called Snapseed, and the best (and most unbelievable) part of it is, it’s free! There is so much you can do with this app, and I have been loving it. Here’s a few before and afters for you to look over:

This one is a little more stylized than I usually do/like, but for a miniature train set, I thought it looked kind of neat, and it was done with one button!

I love this photo! The black and white, though, is so much more dramatic and powerful, and again, it was one touch.

This is the King Cake I made this year, and boy was it yum! Look at all the color this app put into my picture! It’s vibrant and sharp and beautiful, and FREE!

There’s a whole lot more you can do with it too, besides these simple fixes like the ones above. For instance, in a picture that’s really cool and bluish, I can warm it right up, but lots of times, it makes faces look orange. Never mind that, though, because there’s a spot tool that allows me to just select the face and take the orange out. Amazing right? Especially for a free phone app. Here’s a link to a great website with a bunch of tutorials on how to use it:

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