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Some Advice from a Teacher || Parents and Their Children

Children are precious. I mean, just look:

(that’s a sneak preview for next week’s post)

Beautiful, individual, brutally honest, and very very small. What could be better? I’ve learned a lot in the past year as a preschool teacher. I’ve learned that one method won’t work with all kids, I finally know how moms seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, and I’ve realized that even though teachers can make a world of difference, their parents shape them the most. My pastor this morning talked about how much dads play a huge role in their childrens lives. Every word was true, and as a teacher, I see those truths every day. So I thought I’d share them with you (Pastor Rick White’s point in italics, my elaborations beside them): 1) A meaningful touch– Kids NEED hugs, kisses, and hand holding. It isn’t enough to say you love them, to provide for them, or to buy them cool stuff. They need that get on the floor and talk and hug them time. It’s the favorite part of my job, and the kids come running over the moment I sit down! 2) Verbal affirmation– What you say means a lot. Do you realize that even two-year-olds can understand what you’re saying? They repeat everything, remember a whole lot more than you think, and what you say is important. Countless time I’ve seen the mood and words of the parents affect how the child’s day has gone. Say good things! 3) Attaching value– Listen when they talk, and be there when you’re there! Realize that time flies by and the types of things they say now will be totally different in a few months. 4) Picturing and speaking a positive future for them– This point was the most unusual one, but I loved it! It’s so true that parents speak truth into their childs lives. If you say something like “You’re such a sweet girl, I’ll bet you’d make a great nurse one day.” Those words mean so much. They affirm positive things and show a positive future to your child. 5) Active committment– Short and obvious, be active in their lives. Show up to the school functions, take them out on dates, go to the sports events. Just do it. You’ll never regret it.

Happy Father’s Day Dads, you mean a lot!

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