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The Five Love Languages || A Book That Changed My Life

There’s a book that can change the way you view, not just romantic relationships, but every relationship you’ll ever have. First time I read it, lights went off in my head like crazy! Suddenly scenes from my childhood and teenage years made sense. I saw them in a different light.

The book is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s all about how each person has a different way of perceiving, and receiving love. Me, for example; My primary  love language is Words of Affirmation. That’s why I love your comments and reviews! For me, a good compliment or word of appreciation means so much more to me than, say, a gift card to the spa (Gifts and Physical Touch are pretty low for me). For my husband, Quality Time is huge! He is super happy with me when I put down my computer or books and just pay attention to him. It means a lot more than a clean home (Acts of Service aren’t big to him). It’s really fascinating to read how your individual makeup makes a difference in the way you respond to other people! Who knows? It could make your marriage better. It definitely makes mine better knowing how to love my husband in the most effective way. I highly recommend you check it out. Oh, and as a per-cursor, consider taking the free online test to see what your love language is.  The link is here.

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