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TV: My Latest Additions to the Hulu Queue

Did you know that I love TV and movies? It’s my dream to become a director one day, or at least a movie critic, although at this point I am taking no steps in that direction. It’s just something I fantasize about. Anyways, here are some new shows I’m excited about, and just for your pointless entertainment, some other shows I watch too.

I’m so excited about these two new shows on TV! Just a quick synopsis and review on both…

Last Resort: A Navy crew is fulfilling their duty out in sea on a submarine when they are given a suspicious command to destroy a whole country, despite the fact that America is not at war. When they ask for confirmation through the proper form of communication, they are attacked by a US missile. Most survive, and seek to clear their names (or rebuild) on an island nearby while trying to stay alive in the process.

Me- This show is really kick butt! It’s probably not very accurate, but like the movie “Taken” it just doesn’t matter. It’s got a great story and good acting, and is very compelling. I love a good vs. evil story, and it’s interesting to see the US as the bad guy, since that’s not normal.

Revolution: Fifteen years after a global blackout (we’re talking no technology or power of any kind), a family fights to stay alive in spite of ruthless militia that is after them to find the truth about the blackout.

This show is not nearly as well acted or put together as Last Resort, but the idea is unique, and simply seeing America and the world as it might look of everything we know suddenly stopped working is extremely interesting .

Do you watch any of these shows? What’s your favorite?

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