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13 Reasons To Do A Home Life Session

A week ago I posted part 1 of the style of photography I am now concentrating on. It’s a home life session (also known as Lifestyle Photography), and no one has to get dressed up or do anything special. Instead, I simply take time to plan the moments we want to record (game time, making dinner with the kids, your toddler brushing his teeth, going for a family walk with the dog, tickle fights, etc), and let it happen. There is a little bit of direction, to make sure you always look the best you can, but otherwise it’s just life, like it really happens. This particular kid  (Evan) is 2 1/2, and is completely precious doing absolutely nothing. I wanted to capture him getting himself ready for the day, and being such a big boy. Those are moments you never want to forget, and that’s why I am so passionate about home life photography.

Lens comparison at the bottom of the post!

So here’s part 2, and here’s 13 reasons why every Mom needs to do this:

1: Before your child, you never realized how sweet a meal could be.

2: No one else makes a toy look quite as enthralling as he does.

3: He won’t always be smaller than your dog.

4: He won’t always take 20 minutes putting on a piece of clothing. Or be as proud when he does.

5: His perspective is the right one.

6: You worked so hard to teach him to do it, you should have a record of it.

7: Cause he’s stinkin’ cute!

8: Because practiced smiles never look as good as the real kind.

9: So you’ll have proof later when he’s a teenager. Or ammunition.

10: So you never forgot the little habits.

11: Because Peek-a-Boo is just a phase.

12: So grandma can see how much he loves his gift.

13: Because you’ll never ever regret it.

By the way, this session was shot entirely with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens, which I rented for the weekend. It’s a fantastic lens, especially useful when it’s very dark. The sharpness was very good too, the only times my photographs would go soft was when I’d get too close to my subject, since I’m in the habit if being able to shoot at 24mm. Once I learned that, though, everything was awesome. I’ll definitely be buying this lens! Compare the two, if you’d like, by seeing the last Lifestyle post, which was shot with the Sigma 24-70mm 2.8.

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