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Big Brother, Little Sister || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

One of the coolest and most important parts of my job, especially as a newborn photographer, is that sometimes my images are the first pictures of a new baby that some people see. At the very least, I get the distinction of doing their first ever professional photos, and that is quite the honor. Not only do those photos get put up on the walls and sent to grandparents, but they often make the baby albums and memory books, and I get the immense honor of being a part of something that will literally last, and be appreciated, for generations. Best job ever!

Some things make it even better too, like capturing the same family year by year! This little boy knows me by now and isn’t shy a bit, but he did think my name was Crystal for some reason. His parents were stumped by this because apparently they don’t know any Crystals! I didn’t mind though, and after a few great shots, a few books read while mom nursed baby sister, and some deep discussions about his TV shows, he got Sarah-Marie down in his name repertoire. He is SO cute. Baby sister was a showstopper too, even giving us a couple of open eye photos, but the real magic was them two together. Baby skin is life! Scroll to the end to see.

Uhg. SO precious. I’m wanting to add more like this to future sessions. Thinking… baby on black? Stay tuned!

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