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2-year-old Aiden || Nashville Children’s Photography

What do you get when you combine smarts, energy, and adorable cuteness? Aiden, that’s what. Let me tell you about this kid. He can, and will repeat ANYTHING you say, he is as precocious as they come, and if you want to sit still, good luck. He knows how cute he is, too, and will use his charm to get into your arms! With a child this clever and cute, how could I resist following him around with a camera?

Aiden and his family was the winner of a silent auction I donated to recently, and boy was I glad! I hope you enjoy this sweetness!

I told you how cute he was! Who could resist kissing him?

There never was a naked cowboy cuter than this!

This was actually downtime, mommy was putting on his pants. This is exactly why I don’t stop shooting!

All smiles all the time!

Does mommy know her baby or what? We spent quite a bit of time on this because Aiden just loves bubbles!

He’s such a big boy

Becoming one with nature

“Give Ms. Sarah-Marie a flower!” Snap!

You don’t know how much I loved this shoot! Thanks to Aiden and his wonderful family for such a great time!

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