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5 Reasons Why Lily Should be the Next Gerber Baby

I have been so blessed to be a part of Melissa and Jason’s life, and now their gorgeous baby Lily. Melissa and Jason got married back in 2009, and they were my first wedding in Nashville! In fact, I shot their wedding the day I arrived! When Melissa told me she was pregnant, I was so excited! Since then, we’ve been a part of Lily’s first pictures, her first Christmas pictures, and now her 6 month pictures. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell, but this baby is picture perfect and quite the model. In fact, I’m campaigning for her! Here’s 5 reasons why Lily should be the next Gerber baby:

1.She makes even spit look good!

2. Her cheeks are to die for.

3. She never ever cries…until we’re done.

4. I’d buy anything she was selling. Did you see those eyes?

5. The original Gerber baby was selected in 1928. I think it’s time. Who wants baby mush from last century? 😉

Comment below on what your favorite child star or baby face is and share it on facebook!

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