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9 Great Wedding Ideas From My Brides

This year I’ve shot some of the best weddings ever! Such creative, spunky brides, addicted to Pinterest and DIY projects. Some just have nice taste and cool ideas, but in the end it just makes me look good because here they are: Some of my favorite wedding ideas from this year’s brides.

#1: Maggie Moos ice cream truck at your reception. Total score!

#2 Antique keys in the bride and groom’s flowers. “You hold the key to my heart.”

#3 Popcorn for the masses. Besides the heavenly smell, this is a great way to introduce a laid back feel to your outside reception.

#4 Handmade bracelets. These were beautiful bridesmaid gifts that went for the wedding and will actually be worn again. Wish I had one!

#5 Made-to-order Dippin Dots. Definitely one of my top favorites. Beware of eating too soon after it’s done though, or it’ll burn your tongue!

#6 Clever rhymes to accompany gifts and favors. So much cuter than just a bell sitting on the table.

#7 Do it yourself hairpieces. There will never be another exactly like it. What could be more perfect?

#8 Glass bottles. Classy and casual. I loved this idea!

#9 Lots and lots of personal touches. This day is about you, let your personality shine through!

Which is your favorite?

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