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A Boy and a Tomato || A Mini Photo Story

Last Saturday I got to do a home session with Jayden, who is exactly four months older than my baby. He reminded me so much of her with his adventurous spirit and general inquisitiveness. They even look similar! Anyway, I was just now finishing the editing of those images and fell in love with a tiny series we did right at the end. Jayden and I were going back inside after some planned outdoor images, when he discovered a tomato plant. These may be my favorite from the session! They make kind of a little story about his afternoon, and I love them. 

The way he crawled up the steps looked like he was sneaking into a hidden garden. It was precious!

According to his grandma, they’ve never picked tomatoes before, so he was very curious about the red balls in the plants! I figured she wouldn’t mind if we sacrificed one for the sake of cute photos. He was so pleased with himself. 

Poking holes and squishing them was the best part, and when he was done, he dutifully put it back. Precious boy!


Time to go back inside! I hope you enjoyed this mini photo story!

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