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A Boy and His Dog(s) || Nashville Family Photography

I am not a pet photographer. That’s what I told Uma, the mom of this amazing kid, Neil. I expressed that I have practically zero experience shooting animals, but that I was willing to try, and she trusted me! I’m so glad, because I had a blast! Neil is nine yeas old, and his dogs are eleven and three. He’s grown up with them, and it was so fun to capture that relationship. Next time I’ll know a bit more, and I’ll know how much fun this is, so bring on the dogs people!

This boy grew up with these dogs (one is 11 years old!). So sweet.

This whole set was my favorite, it just seems so normal.

This guy was seriously photogenic. I was impressed.

After a hard day of work, these guys were pooped!

This one just embodies it all. Neil’s expression is so hysterical! Thanks for such a great time!

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