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A Home Session Full of Light || Spring Hill Family Photography

This session explains everything about why I love home sessions. All you need is a cleaned out space in one corner of the house with some pretty light and some comfortable clothing, and you are good to go. Love and laughter fills in the rest!

We started out this session for my friend Jess with a few tasteful nursing photos. Nursing is such a beautiful moment for mothers, so I always ask whether they want this part documented. With small ones we almost always need to nurse them right before pictures (or in the middle too!), so it creates a calm moment to find the space in the house with the best light. In this case, it was obvious. 

Jess said her bedroom was the one room in the house she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it when they moved in. It is bright white and light gray, and simply stunning. I freaked out when I saw it and let them know I might need to rent it out for future photo shoots. 

I love this black and white one on the right. This is how Jess sees Madelyn right now, and it’s a beautiful moment to capture. 

Jess’ son Carson is 6 weeks younger than Everly, and Madelyn is 2 weeks older than Jacey, so I see many play dates in our future! Right now Carson is a very typical boy (ALL boy, we joked), running around like crazy, jumping on beds and pushing a lawn mower toy, that I was so amazed at how easy it was to get him to pause and kiss his sissy. He did amazing!

She snagged one more quiet moment before the crazy ensued.

And now, the crazy…

Since Carson was moving so quickly I asked Jon to do this throwing up in the air thing over and over to make sure I got the best shots possible. Carson was not unhappy about it. He did allow for a brief pause though again to kiss his sister. What a champ!

Everyone got a few with Madelyn. Her first photo shoot!

She looks like Jon here I think. 

And then it was time for family pictures. Jon and Jess have been one of my most photogenic couples ever since I started photographing them almost 7 years ago, and now their kids are taking up the gauntlet. 

Look at those smiles from Carson! And Maddy is adorable in that black bow! The chemistry in the whole family is a photographer’s dream. 

This is one of my favorite series ever. Jess is sooooo pretty!

Look at Maddy’s face!

There it is. The magic couple. 

I just loved this session, so much fun, and bonus– because we are friends, we stayed and grilled out afterwards! Thank you Jess and Jon for an incredible session and even better friendship. We love you!

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