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A Newborn Session Walk-Through || Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

If every session went exactly like this one, I’d schedule 10 a day because it would be so easy! Aside from those perfect pouty lips and curled fingers, little John Oscar slept so soundly, and was so easy to pose that it was over in no time. Bliss. I think it runs in the family (you’ll see).

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions from parents about how and why I do certain things, so for a change of pace I thought I’d do a session walk-through. Enjoy!

In this first set, we just used a soft blanket and a simple wrap and just captured him as he was, in the natural way newborns sleep. Since he was 15 days old (and as a general rule, you should always shoot newborns in the first ten days, fourteen at the most), he was as curled up as usual, so we emphasized his stretch. He’s a long baby! The room was very warm, we had a noise machine going, and his belly was full!

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