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Augie & Atticus || Home Life Photography

I think I say it a lot, but I love shooting in homes!! It’s super personal and the kids often open up faster than they normally will outside the home. I got to meet Augie and Atticus today at their home, and even though Atticus was super excited about it, Augie wasn’t sure at all. He eventually warmed up to me a bit though (not enough to get a high-five, but enough to elicit a few smiles, which is good enough for me!) and we got some cute ones! We started with Atticus upstairs on the bed…

Eventually Augie decided it looked fun and wanted to get in on the bed action, so we took it to his room. I was sneaky with my camera, and got some ones of him being very proud of all his trophies!


Once we got outside, we found all kinds of fun stuff! We found soccer balls, baseball bats, sidewalk chalk and rockets. Augie had really good form with his soccer!


OMG I love the middle right one below! Look at how sweet they look!

Sidewalk chalk= Excellent Diversion


It’s amazing how incredibly cute a jar full of bugs can look in a photo session. Any other circumstance and would just run away.


Look at that smile! They couldn’t resist 😉

Thank you Lori and Augie! I had a great time with you guys! Your family is beautiful (and so is your home!)

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