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Baby Emma || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

I’m not a prop photographer. If you’d looked over my website or know my work at all, you know that. I think props are rarely done well or having any real meaning and simply detract from the subjects in the photos. Plus, they instantly date your work. Not good. That being said, baby Emma’s mom had the cutest little prop for this session, and I think it added a lot, even though we only used it a few times as accent pieces. You’ll see it below 🙂

But first, some baby feet…

Oh my goodness, look at this face! Emma was really tired, but too interested in what was going on to get into a deep sleep, so there was lots of yawning. I caught this one, and the crown as a prop is SO cute! Definitely a winner.

Little detail shots of hands and feet are some of my favorites.


The sun was going down, so we had some lovely low light streaming through the window. These family pictures are just so precious, and I was very impressed with big brother being so good!


       Thank you to Kelly and Bryan for allowing me into your home and letting me capture your sweet babies! I had a really fun time with you all!

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