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Ben & Mackenzie’s Lifestyle Session || Eighth and Roast

Eighth and Roast is a little coffee shop tucked away in the industrial-chic section of 8th Avenue in downtown Nashville. It boasts gourmet java and a very friendly staff (they were super nice about us shooting there!). I’d never been before, but when Ben, Mackenzie and I were all brainstorming their session, this place came up right away. We were looking for a super casual space that would both showcase them as a couple (naturally), and not be too engagement-y (I know, not a word). Since coffee is sort of a huge thing for them, and they are kind of that hipster-chic couple, this space ended up being PERFECT!

They supplied us with these blue mugs when they found out we were doing a session. It even matches the outfits!

I stayed away and asked them to have a real conversation and kiss “when they felt like it.” As we went along, that became a little more often 🙂 The snuggles in the in-between were so precious though and they were so comfortable with each other.

Doing these kinds of “love sessions” after a few years of marriage is super important I think. Most people get engagement pictures, wedding pictures, and then pictures of their kids forever and ever, and they lose focus that it all started with them. Even if you have kids, you should still have these kinds of moments with your spouse, and be proud of it!


Ben and Mackenzie have been married for two years and they are incredibly cute together. They needed some shots to freshen up their home, and since Mackenzie is a hair genius, we traded services!



We wanted to get a few of them by themselves to use for jobs and, of course, profile pictures!

This was so much fun. Ben and Mackenzie are the nicest people and I’m so blessed to know them! It was hot outside, but good company can overcome that any day, and the result was just magic.

Love you guys! I hope you’re as in love with these as I am! Thanks for coming out with me and making it a blast!!

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