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Brand New Albums || Products

I’ve been sooo excited to share this with you! The album company that I use (and love) has made some pretty amazing updates, and I’ve got a plethora of images to show them to you 🙂

Here they are! A Linen 8×8 Parent Album on top of a Leather 10×10 Standard Album. They come in a sweet case too, for protection.

The binding is a little more streamlined and the leather is not as thick and bulky.

Here you can see how thick the pages are! Of course they are acid free and made to last a lifetime.

The leather pages and binding are about twice as thick as the linen. The leather is also much smoother, and personally, I like the texture a lot more.

Both have “lay-flat” pages and are seamless between pages. The leather lays flat on its own since it’s heavier, and the linen pops up a bit.

And finally, the best part! Brand new GORGEOUS colors and textures to match! I’m so in love with the customization you can now have, matching the colors to your wedding or your baby room. The textures are varied too, and match the colors perfectly. LOVE!

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