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Brand New Alexander || 11 Days Old

Meet Alexander! This squishy guy was only 5 lbs and 11oz. when I met him at 11 days old. His skin was that perfect papery newborn texture and he smelled divine. Newborns smell ah-mazing! Alexander started off sleeping, and smiling in that sleep, and didn’t mind a bit that I was moving him into all kinds of positions.

One of my favorite parts of newborn sessions is capturing all the macro close-ups. Baby bumps on his nose, paper-thin nails, wrinkly everything!

Alexander woke up for a little while to get some grub, and it took him a little while to fall asleep. Normally I don’t put the babies down until I rock them back to sleep (an amazing perk of my job!), but he was so calm, and I was able to wrap him up and get a shot of his stunning eyes, so calm and collected!

Before I had a baby I might have considered these “outtakes,” but now I know that these photos capture the little bits of personality that you start discovering right at birth. Chances are he will make these same faces when he is two, or twenty! 

My favorite setup is on my signature cream shag blanket, wrapped in a cream cheese cloth. It just helps focus on the baby so much better than colors and anything too stark, like black or white (at least in my opinion!). Plus, I think Alexander found it comfy because right when I got him on this blanket he went back to sleep! 

This was a special request by mommy, and I’ll admit I didn’t know what I was going to do when I saw it. A giant elephant? Ahhh! I’m not a props photographer by any means, but sometimes props have special meaning to parents (or grandparents, aunts or uncles!) and you need to find a way to work it in. I actually love how these came out! He totally nestled in there and got so snug, he even started to smile again!

So cute. I mean, obviously. Alexander, welcome to the world! We are happy to have you!

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