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Brand New Harrison || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

I’ve been documenting the Pray family for a few years now, and I am always SUPER happy when it’s time to visit them again. Brynn is a beautiful little girl who has just become a big sister to Harrison!! Harrison is a perfect little boy with wrinkly baby hands and his sister’s same lips, and I was honored to meet him.

We started with a few shots with an adorable aviator cap, and I got a few with those sweet baby hands…

Harrison wasn’t a big fan of sleeping at that moment, so we took a break and got some pictures of big sister Brynn. Her daddy thought of bubbles and we just went to town. I love her little lips and I think she knew it!


Cozying up on the bed with mommy calmed him down, and when the rest of the family joined, magic happened.

Once he nestled up again he was out for good and curled up beautifully for us! He was so much fun, and so perfect. I mean, LOOK at those feet! Can’t wait to see him again!

Congrats Taryn and Brad! You make beautiful babies!!

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