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Cole’s Newborn Session || Spring Hill Photography

Newborns are just so squishy and warm and basically perfect. Now that I’ve had my own and she is no longer a newborn, I soak up these sessions and it helps me remember how quickly time flies. Cole is only a few days old and has a fantastic older brother (you’ll see him below) that ensures that Cole will be able to sleep through anything. Chase runs around, pokes him and makes a racket as every almost two-year-old should, and Cole sleeps right through it. It made the session very easy because I didn’t bother him a bit with my quiet, gentle placements! He was a complete champ and slept the whole time, and here are the beautiful results!


And of course I had to get some with mommy and brother. Daddy was helping out with the hurricanes so he wasn’t able to be there sadly, but next time we will make up for it. I loooove the love in these!

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