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Dames and Daffodils: Ava’s 1st Year Pictures

Oh, to be young again! When your only worry is “Does this diaper make me look fat?” Okay, I’m joking, but being a brand new one-year-old does have its perks. For instance, mommy kisses, daddy adoration, fuzzy pink blankets, and beautiful music boxes from grandpa! So meet Ava, the recipient of all this love. No wonder, too, because she’s a real fireball, and gorgeous too!

Mommy and baby were so very sweet together!

Me: “Ava, can you show me how old you are?!” Ava: “How about this instead?”

Grandpa gave Ava a beautiful jewelry box. I loved watching her discover it!

You can’t beat a good patch of daffodils…

The whole family together is stunning!

Thank you Norman family for this wonderful afternoon! I had such a fun time! Leave some love below!

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