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Downtown Nashville Engagement Pictures: Olive and Daniel in love

Awww, new love. The part about this job that is so dang easy is making people who are in love show it! It’s kind of crazy how many times I hear “Well, you might have to work with so-and-so, he’s not very good at pictures” or “We just don’t want cheesy pictures.” Well guess what? That is very rarely a problem that I run into, and it definitely wasn’t for this cute couple! Daniel and Olive are getting married in July, and they wanted to shake things up with their engagement pictures. Boring is blah! What’s not boring? The city! So off we went…

How incredibly natural are they in front of the camera?! LOVE their body language and laughter!

Daniel’s disclaimer: “Just because I own a guitar, doesn’t mean I’m a pro.” I think Olive’s reaction is fitting.

These books are the he-said she-said of the Christian marriage books. Very well written and (clearly) a lot of fun! For Men Only For Women Only

Oh the power of laughter! If this radiant smile is any indication, they’ll be together forever!

Thanks Olive and Daniel! We had SUCH a fun time with you! Tweet or Facebook this post and leave some love for the couple below!

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