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Emerson Marie || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

I’ve been doing a lot of newborns recently, and it has been so exciting! There’s a distinct honor that comes with photographing newborns. Since I always shoot in the first ten days of life, often I am one of the first people to meet the new one, and I take that seriously! I’ve changed my MO recently though, and you may have noticed a slight change in my editing style. I just realized that I was smoothing skin a bit too much, and not letting the magic of baby skin show through! I’ve also applied more of a matte finish to the color images, and I really like the way it looks on newborn skin. I hope you do too!

Meet Emerson! You may have seen her last week in my homemade movie  blog (that I am so very proud of), and some of her hospital pictures. These are the ones from her actual session, and she did perfectly. She slept the whole time, and only pooped once! I was very proud of her, and was thrilled to use my new props! Check out her smile, she’s a very expressive newborn.

Big brother is doing so well!

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