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Family Beats Grapes at Arrington Vineyards

Ever been to Arrington Vineyards in Nashville TN? It’s gorgeous! There are rolling hills with rows of grapes, lots of picnic areas and swings, and lots of very cool rustic buildings. That’s why I suggested this spot for the Moore family’s photo session, but surprisingly on the day we showed up, it was packed! So I went scouting, and found this oasis set aside from all the bustle, and we loved it. The mother, Danielle (with gorgeous hair!) said it was one of the prettiest places she’d ever seen! Score!

Bringing a blanket as a prop is always a great idea. It gives a “picnic” look, and protects from dirt and bugs on your photo-ready clothing!

This two-year-old was an amazing model! His blue eyes are to die for, and he was completely fine with me following him around!

There was an endless supply of great spots for showing how tight-knit this family is. Besides brushing for ticks every once in awhile (I found two when I got home!), it was perfect!

Big brother is so protective and sweet. He is more rambunctious than his brother, and offered me huge smiles!

These kiddos were excellent posers! I was so happy to get such cool shots!

Lots and lots of thanks to the Moore family for being so awesome on this session! I had a ton of fun!

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