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Flowers, Fields & A Creek || Spring Hill Family Photography

Usually I don’t post whole sessions as my sneak peek, but since this family was so stinkin’ cute last night, and I couldn’t pick just one to share, well, here you go!

This family is in the middle of an exciting time in their lives, buying land and building a home, and I got to be a small part of it! When Cristin contacted me and told me she wanted images on their new property (and then described it), I was so excited. She had a good idea of the vision, too, and even knew that late day sun is completely ideal and amazing. Basically what I’m trying to say is that this session was a breeze (aside from checking for ticks when I got home, that is)! The boys responded well to threats of tickles and little miss model could have given me enough poses to make a whole session for herself! I love images that aren’t completely “perfect” and have silly smiles that show off personalities. Look for those here 😉

So here it is, the sneak peek!

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