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Ginger’s Surprise Party || Spring Hill Photography

So last Saturday I was blessed to be a part of a big night– a surprise party! A friend of a bride and groom that I photographed three years ago contacted me to see if I could be at a top secret location for her mom Ginger’s big day. I was so excited! Once I got there, the anticipation was eating me, and I actually got nervous waiting for her surprise! By the time the speeches happened and the shocked hugs were given (really shocked– some people came all the way from Louisiana), I was tearing up with everyone else. It was really a lovely event, and Ginger is blessed to have a daughter that would arrange that for her. I hope this captures the mood of it all for you. I thought black and white just really showed the enhanced emotions, and I hope you agree!

Thanks Hilary for thinking of me, and congrats to Ginger on your victory!!

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