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Graham is Here || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

I always give a set of instructions to new parents when we are setting up our newborn session, and they’re extensive. Make it hot, no elastic, full belly, etc. All those things together make my sessions run really smoothly, and usually I’m done in one to two hours.

Ashley and Matthew had an extra challenge, because they were brand new to their home! They wanted it ready for both their new baby boy, but also for pictures. Graham’s baby room is decorated rustic, and the bathroom is black and white Mickey Mouse, so they were very smart and set out blankets and simple props that they wanted to include in the session to make the pictures match their home. I matched my wraps and lighting to match those rooms, and they turned out great! Such a cutie!


Thank you Ashley and Matthew for sharing Graham with me! He was so precious, and I loved meeting you two. Congratulations on this amazing child and on your new home, and I hope to see you again soon!

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