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Home Life Christmas || Spring Hill Photography

This family. They are special. I’ve been photographing the Jones’ for so long that the kids know what I mean when I say “test shot” and “pose.” Since we started when the middle one was an infant and have done two back-to-back Baby’s First Year Sessions, I’ve seen them pretty much every three months for the last two years. Lucky me, because they are sooooo wonderful. The kids are smart and funny and have the cutest smiles, and mom and dad are so kind and welcoming and make me feel like family when I come over. For this session we themed it Christmas, and I am SO excited to share it because it’s just stinkin’ cute!!!

We started with the family pictures, and I just love the way they each have their own personalities shining through!

Cute as buttons, these three.

When we changed into PJs, the magic happened! I can’t even say how much I love this set.


And they got to open presents for the occasion! These are the kind of kids that are grateful no matter what, so their expressions are sooooo sweet as they open up and see their little gift. They act like it’s the most exciting thing in the world!

But of course in typical child form, the bag/box/wrapping is always more exciting than the actual present 😉


Love this head in the bag…


We decided to finish with a “night before Christmas” set. Sleeping first…

Then running to the tree….

And finishing off with the cutest reaction ever.

Christmas always produces my favorite sessions ever, and this is no exception!

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