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How This Photographer Chose a Photographer…

So, photographers need photos too, right? Definitely right! Not only do I love having pictures taken with my handsome husband, but I will also take my future kids to a professional photographer at least once a year despite the fact that I can do it myself. Why? Because when they are your own kids, or are too familiar with you, they aren’t that interested. You don’t get the spontaneity. They just give you what they expect you want so they can be done with it. It’s true! I personally really like my work (I wouldn’t do it if I thought it was awful), but I don’t consider myself the end all be all for photography. There are some amazing people out there! The photographer I’ve chosen for my future baby (and birth story and probably maternity too) is Lane Proffitt Photography. This girl is serious!!! She’s so good it makes me want to melt when I see her images. She does a lot indoors with wooden floors and white washed walls, so there isn’t much that I can emulate, but I love it all the same and want my wall to be littered up with her images one day.

Anyway, I don’t have kids yet, so in the meantime I chose a different photographer. How did I choose? Let me tell you what I look for.

1.) Style: I prefer someone with a style similar to mine. Lots of light, not a lot of contrast, the occasional cool angle or sun flair, and lots of candid, non-posed looking images. Notice I say “looking” because most natural looking images are really posed, but made to look like they aren’t.

2.) Price: Let’s be honest. I could say “Money doesn’t matter! It’s the image that matters! In the long run you won’t remember the cost, only the memories.” In a way, I completely agree with this rant, but honestly, I don’t have $500 to drop on a session of me and my husband right now. I’ll spend that on my kids, but not on the very cooperative Jason and Sarah-Marie pictures.

3.) Personality: I want a photographer who is happy and loves her job, who doesn’t act all awkward, and has fresh ideas. A gung-ho attitude is always good too.

So, what was the result? Here they are! In between the pictures I’ll suggest questions to ask your photographer before you book.

Ah, look at the love! I did a lot of planning for this session. I love props!

Question #1: How fast will I get the pictures back?

We are just ridiculous goof offs! Cinema loved cleaning up our popcorn mess.

Question #2: How far will you drive? Is there a traveling fee?

Isn’t this field gorgeous? It’s right next to my house!

Question #3: Do you bring your own props or do we supply them? Or for babies, some photographers even supply all the clothes!

I love this set because it tells a story. That’s another thing I look for. I always build my sessions as if they were going to be made into an album.

Question #4: What is included in the package? Can I get my pictures digitally in full resolution?

If you can’t tell that I love this man, get your eyes checked!

Thanks to Jessica Brown at Moonbelle Photography for these wonderful images! If you’re in Huntsville check her out!

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