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How to Use Pinterest to Enhance Your Session || TN Photography

So, Pinterest. Also known as awesome. If you haven’t joined this pop culture phenomenon yet, you’re missing out. There are so many uses for this new social networking form. Just me personally, I use it to collect recipes, inspire home design, learn how to put together great outfits, glean gardening tips, promote my photography, design inspiration boards for future sessions, and most importantly, collaborate with brides, moms, and seniors to create amazing photography sessions. That’s what I want to touch on today– how to use pinterest to make your photography sessions (or weddings) with me even better.

Tip #1: Once you’ve booked a session with me, we’ve nailed down a date and a timeframe, but usually we leave the location and ideas open. I do this for a specific reason. I can’t recommend a great place without knowing what look you’re going for just like I can’t recommend a “setting” unless I know what you’re like. I shoot personality, so I have to know yours first. Use pinterest to create a board for your session, and then add me as a collaborator. We can both add ideas to it, and this way I can see what type of look you’re going for and recommend a place and theme.

Tip #2: Look at other people’s (especially photographers) boards and find out what you do and don’t like. If you discover that you love the dramatic lighting look or the haute model look, than you should probably book with someone else. If you discover that you like natural light, with lots of light and natural colors, than you’ve probably made a great choice by going with me.

Tip #3: Other than pinning pictures you like, also pin outfits that go great together, color combinations that you love, props that describe you (like movie theatre popcorn or a Harry Potter book), quotes that are meaningful to you, and hairdos that you might want to try. Use this board for all it’s worth. It’ll not only help you, but it will help me too.

Don’t know how to add collaborators to your board? Click here.

Hope this helps! Comment below if you wish you’d done this for your last session….

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