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Introducing “Baby on Black!”

I’m so excited about this! I’ve been focusing primarily on newborn photography for years now, and it’s definitely my favorite thing to do. Squishy, brand-new sleepy babies… I mean how could I not love that? I get to meet babies right after they are born, sometimes before family members even, and I take that honor very seriously. Newborn sessions should always be done as soon as possible, within the first ten days of life, to ensure that sleepy, bendy, scaly newborn look that is the reason you do these sessions!

Little guy here was only 5 days old in these photos, and he stayed asleep until the very last photo, so it was an easy session. I’ve been wanting to add a new look to my sessions for awhile, and have come across this beautiful “baby on black” look several times. It invokes a very womb-like feel, and makes it impossible to do anything but focus entirely on the baby. No distractions, no props, nothing but the perfection of newborn skin! I hope you love these– I’ll be adding it to newborn sessions from now on for more diversity.

No distractions, just this perfect face.

Look at that smirk!

Doing the detail shots on black really makes them come alive. Every detail is evident, without anything in the background to distract. I love these!

I’m sorry if I’m rambling or getting too excited. I really just love this job and this baby.

I can just see this right picture being exactly like a 3-D ultrasound.

That round little tummy is just perfection. I love how the light just looks painted on!

Most will be in black and white, but occasionally I may do one in color too. It really depends on the image itself. This one just demanded the color for those perfect lips and it’s one of my favorites from the session.

I hope you love this little sneak peek! Most of this session was my normal color, with light, organic poses and minimal props, but it was so much fun to add something different, so I had to share!

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