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Introducing…Boudoir Photography!

I have been soooo excited to officially release a new level of photography that I am branching into! Boudoir photography has long interested me, and I’ve finally made it happen! What’s boudoir? It’s an intimate, artistic look at the beauty you are, in and out.

Are you wondering why? I know I have some family and friends who might be wondering why I want to do this, well, here goes: Boudoir photography is beautiful and artistic, yes, but it’s a lot more than that to me. I’ve never before thought that I could instantly instill confidence in women, making them feel great about themselves, like I can now. With all the negative media that is out there about everyone needing to be stick thin, having perfect skin, and conforming to some obscure definition of style–being able to offer an alternative perspective that says “YOU are beautiful exactly how you are” is extremely appealing to me. One of my recent sessions said that I  had changed her perspective on herself and another one told me she had never felt more beautiful in her life, including on her wedding day. That’s so awesome! All I did was show them how beautiful they are already. I don’t do plastic surgery… you won’t be getting tummy tucks or photoshop magic in these sessions. It’s all you baby. Gorgeous as always.

So if you want to see my work, if you’re thinking about doing something like this for your man, or if you just want to learn more about why I am doing this…look no further. Here’s a link to my new website and blog page. Please comment below, I really want your input!

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