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Introducing Everly Jane || Newborn Photography

Meet my precious baby girl, Everly Jane. She was born on February 7th at 7:52am after quite a bit of convincing, weighing 9 lbs 11 oz and at 21 inches long (which were my exact measurements as a newborn also!). I’ll share her birth story in a future post. She is such a gift, with a HUGE smile and a hilarious personality that makes me laugh all the time.

Photographing your own child is a bit of a challenge! Usually after getting the room super warm, turning on the noise machine, getting baby a full belly and changing into loose clothing, baby is primed for sleep. I always ask the mommies to stay away though, and only talk in a whisper, because baby smells and hears them and it causes them to wake up!

When it’s your own kid though, you can’t do that! Everly kept waking up and wanted to nurse and didn’t like the weird positions I was putting her in, so this session took place over two days and at three separate times! I took loooots, as you can imagine, but here are some of my favorites!

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