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Introducing the Newest Member of My Team!

Bah ba ba bum!!!! Introducing the newest member of my team. Shooting since 2008, my new friend comes from a long line of excellent photographers, is 100 times better than the previous holder of this position, and even has a neat claim to fame having to do with the amazing new movie Avengers! Are you ready to meet? Don’t worry, he’s not camera shy. Eh, eh? Too much?

Meet Mark! Or rather, Canon 5d Mark II.

I’m SOOOO excited to announce that my photography just vastly improved, as did the size of all my images and the potential for much better evening shots!

Need proof? Consider that the first two shots were taken with one of my backup camera and lenses, the Canon Digital Rebel Xti, and the one below was taken with my new camera and current favorite lens (the 24-70mm 2.8) both on the same settings. See the difference? Bam!

Oh, and yes Dave Ramsey, I paid cash.

And that Avengers reference? Parts of the movie were filmed using this same camera!!! Read about it here.

I also bought a new pair of boots for grassy shoots…ticks suck.

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