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Jason & Felicia's Wedding || Finally!

Jason and Felicia have been together for three years. No, actually, that’s not right. That’s how long they were engaged! And they’ve known each other five years! It’s been a long time coming, and they did it right. The wedding was picture perfect, on a sandy beach gazebo in Florida. Beautiful!

My favorite part of their wedding was their first look. Felicia spent a lot of time debating on whether to see her groom the traditional way, or whether to do a first look. It took a little bit of convincing from her friend the photographer (me!), but both she and Jason were VERY happy they decided to do it. To see more, click here.

Walking down the pier with people watching was seriously fun!

I absolutely love dancing photos…

Brilliant send off! I love you both and I’m so glad you’re in our lives!

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