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Little Addison || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

Compliments are great, comments on my blogs and posts are even better, and referrals are the best! I met Addison and her family through a referral from one of the moms in my preschool class! I was so excited when Tori (mom) called me and wanted to set up a newborn session, because they are always so unique and unpredictable. You never know when a newborn will be sleeping or stirring, happy or grumpy! Either way, they’re always unbelievably sweet and beautiful.

Addison was no exception! When my husband and I arrived, we spent some time getting to know the space (I always shoot newborns in their homes) and the parents, and looked through clothes, blankets, and possible props. They have a lovely home in Franklin, and we found lots to work with (despite the unfortunate lack of sunshine that dat). Here is the result!

Naked is the usual for newborns. Though Addison was already 6 weeks (I recommend doing newborns within the first 10 days) she was still curled up! We went bow-less and prop-less and decided less is more with this beauty.

She was surprisingly alert and happy, but stingy with her smiles. Daddy coaxed a few out though!

Black and white is perfect for the age-challenged. It hides flaws in the skin and keeps the background from distracting.

Mommy and Daddy set out all the white linen and pillows I could ever need! White is almost always my favorite for any photography session. Especially babies.

Their first child. Emotions are sweet.

Such a beautiful family. Thank you, Tori and Matt, for letting me into your lives!

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