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Little Kaya is Two || Spring Hill Home Session

This little girl is all the reasons I love doing home sessions wrapped up into one tiny adorable little body. Kaya has just turned two, and for her birthday session, we explored her world! Mom brainstormed with me all the different things Kaya likes to spend time doing, and we captured it! She’s the easiest type of child, too, because she is aware of the camera and likes having her picture taken, but she definitely gets absorbed in the activity we give her.

First we showcased her in her little world, otherwise known as her bedroom. I love shooting kids in their rooms, especially at the beginning of our session, because it’s often where they feel most comfortable. Plus, all I have to do is ask them to show me things, and I have instant interaction and smiles!

After that we went outside to capture her on her beloved playplace. It was pretty hot, and a bad time of day for outside images, but because we had shade,  and because Kaya is adorable on the swings, it turned out great!

Next we changed clothes (more playclothes, less dress clothes- always dress your kids like they would normally dress for at least a part of your session!) and found the puzzles, blocks and balloons! Notice how it’s not necessary to clean your whole house for a home session. I just need a space near the light, like a floor, a bed, or a window. It’s not nearly the chore some might imagine  😉

Happy Birthday Kaya! I can’t wait to see you for your brother’s birthday in a few months!

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