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Mariah & Isaac || Bride & Groom

I was flipping through my blog links the other day. You know, routine checkup and all that, gotta make sure everything is running correctly. Well I noticed that my wedding link had far fewer blogs than all the other ones. You can’t blame me, really. I mean, weddings are a whole lot more time consuming to blog, because they are hundreds of images! It’s hard to know what to choose to really show, and especially hard when the weddings were so stunning.

Like this one.

Mariah (pronounced Maria) and Isaac are hands down one of the most photogenic (if not the most) couples I have ever had the pleasuring of shooting. They were the kind of people who, when I modeled with my husband the kind of setup/pose I was going for, made it look 100x better than I had. It was like a magazine shoot with models, no joke. I was extra lucky too, for two main reasons: One, they were super nice people who eventually became friends of ours, and two, they decided to do a first look, so we had plenty of time to capture those amazing moments. Because they’re wedding was so amazing with lots of gorgeous details, I’m splitting it up in the blogs. This one will be just the images we captured after the first look. The model session, if you will. Next time I’ll do a blog that tells the story of the day (which, aside from the mosquitos, could not have been better), with all the amazing details and decor.

Leave some love for the couple below!

Hope you love this Mariah and Isaac! We are so happy you’re in our lives!

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