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Marriage is a Beautiful Thing || Mariah & Isaac pt.2

Oh man, this wedding was awesome. Awesome couple, hilarious wedding party, gorgeous private venue, incredible detailed decorations, crazy fun party, and by the end of it, Jason and I walked away with some new friends. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Mariah and Issac got married on a day that was forecasted to rain all day! We had umbrellas ready the whole time, but only got a light drizzle during our first look images. Honestly, I liked the umbrellas. I think they add something different (you can see them in these pictures from last week) to the session. Well, by the time the ceremony hit, it was sunny skies, and the only worry was the poor girls who had to walk on the slippery grass in their heels. Everyone made it okay though, and the ceremony was beautiful.

I tried to put together little snippets from the whole day here for you. You’ll see some getting ready shots, the first look, some formal ones, the ceremony and the reception. Watch the bride’s face in these — she is so expressive and makes an amazing subject to photograph! Cracks me up every time…


Time to vote: Who had the better group picture? The groomsmen (superheroes) or the bridesmaids (from the movie Bridesmaids)?

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