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Meet Briley Marie || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

Meet Briley Marie! She’s my niece. Yep, I’m a proud Aunt Sarah-Marie! My sister Rachel had her just 22 days ago, and I went down to Fairhope asap for newborn photos! Of course, I got sick, thus preventing me from going the first weekend, and completely missing the two-week window. UHG!

In case you didn’t know, newborn images should be taken within the first two weeks of life. Since I missed that window (uhg!), little Briley did not want to stay asleep, be positioned, or curl up. However, after hours of coaxing, I am very happy with the result. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Briley Marie Ellis!

Isn’t she beautiful?! I love her hilarious expressions, and the joy in her parents’ faces. Well, welcome to the world Briley!

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