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Micah’s 6 Month Session || Spring Hill Photography

Micah is the son of Mackenzie and Ben, and BOY is he a cutie. I was taking his pictures the other day and just thinking that having a boy would be really fun! Being pregnant, I find myself looking at sessions totally differently. At newborn sessions I get choked up, at 3 month sessions I inventory the baby rooms and take notes, and at 6 month sessions I just fawn over the adorable little outfits. I can’t wait to be a mom 🙂 Anyway! Micah. He’s a perfect, chunky-legged little bugger and I just love him. He wakes up so smiley and ready for pictures, and smiles the brightest when everyone else is laughing too. We did a few different looks for this session. Outdoors, Tennessee Volunteers, and Naked Baby! Fun mix 🙂

First we found this great chair and did a test run since he was so smiley. 

This blanket is the same one we used for


All of this amazing light and scenery was in a backyard!


Ben is a huge Volunteer fan, so…..

And then we finished with no clothes, because that makes every baby happy!


Thank you Mackenzie and Ben for such a fun session. You two are always a blast to photograph, and Micah was picked that up from you too!

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