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Micro Adjustment || Fixing My Focus

I’m all about the information age. I love being able to look up problems I’m having and fix them myself!

Well, lately I’ve noticed that my focus has been going a little soft. It’s not awful, of course, but it’s been bugging me. Maybe you can see it below:

See how it’s not tack sharp in the eyes? Uhg! Irritating!

So I did some research to see if I could do something to fix it, and I discovered Micro Adjusting. Basically, if your image is soft, a lot of cameras have made it to where you can fix your camera’s back or front focusing (meaning the focus is slightly in front or in back of where it is supposed to be) by using Micro Adjusting. Here’s a really good video that explains how to do it (click to open).

So here are my results below. Especially note the last paragraph, at the words “You must cross out”, which is where I focused. The top photo is before and the bottom is after. It’s still not perfect, so I’ll be sending in my camera and lens to get it adjusted, but it sure helps in the in-between when I need my camera for all these shoots coming up!

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