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Moody Home Life Session || Spring Hill Photographer

Malerie is the genius behind my hair style lately, and her little kiddo Elliot is only a few weeks older then Everly, so when we get together at her house it’s a lot of fun! I got to meet her husband on Saturday and all of us really clicked (pun intended!). We were laughing and goofing off the whole time, and we celebrated the end of our home life session with Chick-Fil-A. Sounds like a perfect day, right? Well it was. Check out the magic we caught! Usually I shoot pretty bright, but their house and style lended itself more to a moody, darker style. I think it is gorgeous, and the tender moments between these three are really something special.


I hope you love your sneak peek Malerie and Derek! I had a lot of fun on Saturday and I’m so glad I met you both.

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