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New Products! || Statement Pieces: USB Drives and Accordions

I’m very excited to announce some new products I’m offering! It’s been a few weeks coming, and I had a hard time keeping quiet! But the time has come!

Introducing… Custom USB Sets and Mini Photo Accordions!

These are the two together so you can see relative size. The USB case (Mariah & Isaac’s wedding) is the size of a CD case, but thicker and amazingly soft. The Accordions are mini! Only 2×2 inches and perfect for your purse. Both are magnetic so they stay closed, and they are sturdy and terrific quality.

Both front and back of the USB Case is custom made with your images and wraps around seamlessly.

The front can say your names or anything you’d like! This is perfect for Baby’s 1st Year and Senior Pictures too.

The USB drive is engraved so you’ll never worry about losing it. It is specifically made to fit into these custom cases.

The texture is soft and luxurious, high quality and very sturdy. You’ll probably want to rub your cheek on it, and that’s okay 😉 .

The Mini Accordions are made from the same amazing material, and are thick and sturdy despite the tiny size! They come in a set of 3 identical little accordions! One for you, one for each set of grandparents. Just a suggestion 😉 .

The inside is the best part! One side fits up to 6 images and the other side up to 4 images. I chose a panoramic for one side and loved it. Up to 12 images told, with your favorites on the front and back!

I always throw in the slip covers too, just to keep it looking healthy! The best part of these new additions are the cost! A set of three Mini Accordions is $100 and the complete USB Set with the Custom Cover and Engraved USB Drive is only $100 when added to your session! These are statement pieces for sure (made for showing off!), but affordable too, so that’s why I love them! Let me know if you want to see a sample next time I see you 🙂

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