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Newborn Sneak Peek || Spring Hill Photography

About 18 months ago I had the pleasure of photographing Hadley as a newborn. Now her sister Emilia is here!! They were both so good, Hadley absolutely loving the camera and Emilia sleeping the whole time and letting me do any pose I wanted (even the ones most babies don’t love, like tummy time!). Here is her sneak peek!

Gaaaaah Hadley looking at Emilia like that melts my heart…

Emilia loved having her hands up by her face, which works well for me! Mommy said she’s not a fan of the swaddle, and I could tell in the session. I kept it loose. 

Lots of babies wake and fuss at this pose, but not Emilia! She didn’t even seem to notice I had flipped her to her tummy. 

She was so perfect. Welcome to the world little Emilia.

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