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Photographing a Photographer || Sarah-Marie Photography

Photographing a photographer is nerve-racking, let me tell ya. Or at least, I thought it was going to be. Really, the whole part leading up to it was nerve-racking, because you just never know what to expect. Are they going to try to take over or set up all their own scenarios? Try to school you at lighting or point out things they think you should notice? Maybe. Or, maybe they know how much work goes into planning for a session, and that the photographer has a distinct style they shoot for, has an artistic vision, and will always strive to make you look your best. Maybe, since they are in the business too, they trust their good judgement in choosing you as their photographer and will just relax. Well, lucky me, because I got scenario number two!

I was so nervous about shooting this family because the mom, April Dietz, used to be a photographer. In fact, our styles are very similar, so I was the one who suggested she take a look at my work when I saw on Facebook that she was looking for a photographer. Of course after I sent that message I started second guessing myself and got a little worried. It was totally unnecessary though because this family (and April) was awesome! They were so funny and chill and just went with the flow. They put thought into their outfits, really expressed what they wanted, and showed up ready to smile. I loved it! These are some of my favorites from my session with them, and I am REALLY looking forward to our next one!

Thank you so much to the Dietz Family! I LOVED your session and am so happy to have met you all!

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