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Predators Vs. Redwings || Nashville Family Photography





Uh oh… There’s a fight up in here! Just kidding, actually. I can’t imagine this family fighting! Stephanie and Josh were wed two years ago, and I was so proud to be their photographer. Now they have a new little girl and I am privileged to be called on again to document this special time in their lives. They are big hockey fans, and their two girls each have outfits for both teams they root for, so we thought we’d have some fun with that! We went to Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro and had a fabulous time!

Here they are! So much love in this family.

Look at these beautiful girls! I had such a blast!

Look at these beautiful girls! I had such a blast!

Sophia and Isabelle

Look at those amazing smiles!

And here are their smirks.

Mommy and Daddy love...

Mommy and Daddy love…

Sissy love.

Sissy love.

And here it is!!! The rivalry that is (not) tearing this family apart!!!

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